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Is Fluoride Water Good For You?

Have you ever tried drinking fluoride water? You might find the term a little too odd because the term fluoride is usually associated with teeth-related products but never water.

And yet researchers have found out that fluoride rich water is good in helping people maintain the healthy oral health.

The study showed that fluoridated drinking water helps prevent adults from developing tooth decay no matter how old they are. It also did not matter if they had fluoridated water when they were much younger. As long as they drink fluoridated water today, they can prevent any type of tooth problems.

In the past, fluoridated water was only administered to young children because it was thought that it had to be taken for a long time before one is able to enjoy its results but the research results show otherwise. Today, a lot of old people have benefited from consuming fluoridated water. With fluoridated water, nobody has to ever suffer from a tooth problem again unless they do something to revert the effects of such water.

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