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The importance of good oral hygiene.

Oral health isn’t just linked to appearance, it is a gateway into your overall well being. Keeping a healthy mouth is generally simple, but just like everything else in your body, there can be a few surprises and things you might miss.

What’s the point of going to my dentist when I can just brush and clean at home?  Your mouth might look healthy, but that may not always be the case.  A dentist will be able to see small cavities, check up on ulcers in the mouth and notice the beginning signs of periodontal disease, before the symptoms even start within a patient.  If a dentist sees any problems like this in their early stages, it’s amazingly beneficial to you. Problems within the mouth are usually much easier to treat during the early stages.

Your dentist will also ensure to take any steps necessary to prevent future problems, such as tartar build up or cavities, and can also tell you if you’re flossing and brushing correctly.

Granville Station Dental offers Oral screening to ensure that your mouth is kept at its best.  Years of experience combined with the newest technologies will ensure the best course of treatment for you.  So when it’s time for your next check up, stop in at Granville Station Dental.

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