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How Oral Hygiene Prevents Root Canal Procedures

Root canals are efficient at treating infected teeth, but our Vancouver dentists believe preventing these conditions are still the best overall defensive method. In this blog our team tells you how you can prevent the need of root canals with a good oral hygiene routine.

What Are Root Canals?

In the middle of every tooth, there is a soft area known as the pulp which consists of the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. This is the most essential component of your tooth. This important element is protected by the tooth's dentine and enamel.

The pulp of your tooth can get infected causing damage, which could potentially kill the entire tooth.

Throughout your root canal procedure, we extract the pulp from the damaged tooth, clean away any residual tissues and complete the procedure by sealing or capping the tooth with either a filling or dental crown. This procedure helps to prevent the need for an extraction.

Root canals help reduce the pain brought on by your tooth's infected or inflamed pulp so you can keep smiling, talking and eating normally. They also help to lower the risk of needing long-term or more significant methods of tooth repair.

Why You May Need A Root Canal Procedure

The pulp of a tooth can become infected for many reasons and may need to be removed. Here are some main reasons patients come to us needing Root Canal Therapy:

  • Injury to a tooth
  • Serious decay
  • Faulty crown
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • A tooth with repeated dental procedures

How You Can Avoid Needing A Root Canal

If you take proper care of your teeth at home between dental appointments, you can prevent the need for a root canal procedure.

    • Visit your dentist for preventive care every six months, or as prescribed by your dentist
    • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily, or as prescribed by your dentist
    • Wear night guards or sports guards to protect your teeth from damage.
    • Avoid acidic foods and drinks; they cause wear on your enamel and expose the teeth to sugar.
    • Do not chew ice! This can fracture or crack teeth and allow bacteria to access and infect the pulp.
    • Avoid particularly crunchy or hard foods and candies, especially if you already have weak teeth or dental restorations.

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