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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Are you searching for a dentist in Vancouver? Choosing the right dentist to meet your needs can be a difficult task. That's why our dentists at Granville Station Dental are sharing tips on how to choose a dentist that best fits your life.


The dentist you choose should have a good and solid reputation in their area. Thats why it's best to start your search by asking the people you know in your community ( family, friends, coworkers) which dentists they go to. You can even look their suggestions up online to read the reviews to get a bigger picture. 

You can also contact your local or provincial dental society to get a list of practicing dentists in your community.

Personal Rapport & Comfort Level

Your relationship with your dentist is important, making it essential to consider whether you’ll feel comfortable with this person or not. Throughout your initial consultation or appointment with a new dentist, consider the the following:

Do they take the time to listen to you as you explain symptoms and ask follow up questions? Do you have anxieties or fears you’d be comfortable expressing, and do they answer your questions about the procedures you’ll need effectively? Does the dentist seem to hear and understand your concerns?

Specialties, Services & Emergency Care

Advances in dental technology have allowed many dentists to offer a wide variety of services. Do the dentists you are considering offer comprehensive services, such as restorative, cosmetic and preventive treatments? Do they provide emergency care?

If you or a family member has a specific oral health issue, it could be useful to select a dentist who specializes in that area.

Location & Office Hours

Is your new dentist close to home or work? Are they accessible by public transit? If you drive, is parking convenient or free? Do the office hours fit your schedule?


For patients with special needs, it’s important to make sure that your dental office can accommodate them. From physical accessibility to dental sedation services, this is an important aspect of comprehensive dental care.

Costs & Money Matters

Costs often vary by practice. Does your dentist follow the current Dental Association Fee Guide for your province? Do they accept your insurance and can they file your insurance claim electronically?

Are there multiple payment options (personal checks, credit cards, interest-free payment plans)?

Your health is the most important factor but, money is also an issue to consider. Don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate on any procedures. Our administrative team is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


How does the office manage appointment scheduling, reminders, cancellations and other issues?

The Office

Is the dental office orderly and clean? Are the receptionists/administrative team nice and welcoming?

Can you visit the practice before making your first appointment to help you make a final decision? We at Granville Station Dental are happy to have patients visit our office at a pre-scheduled time, so you can get to know our team and what we offer. We are proud of our clean, organized environment and friendly team. We look forward to answering any questions you have.

The Dentist’s Approach to Care

When it comes to choosing a dentist, it’s also important to confirm that your new dentist has the same values you do. Talk to the dentist to learn about his or her approach to their dentist-patient relationships, and whether you two would be a good match.

Welcoming new patients in Vancouver

Our dentists and team are always happy to welcome new patients to our office. If you are looking for a new dentist in Vancouver, we hope you’ll consider us!

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