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Don’t Fear the Dentist! We’re on Your Team!

Here at Granville Station Dental, your skytrain dentist, we understand that our patients may suffer from dental anxiety and therefore can be extremely reluctant to contact us and book an appointment.

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Get Rid of Your Toothache, Fast!

If you’re suffering from a toothache, contact your skytrain station dentist Granville Station Dental as soon as possible – your tooth may be abscessed and require emergency dental care.

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Dry Mouth? Here’s What You Can Do!

If you suffer from dry mouth – especially in the summer – your skytrain station dentist at Granville Station Dental has some valuable tips on what you can do to relieve your dry mouth symptoms and enjoy yourself, whatever the season!

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Is Invisalign For You? Check Out Our Infograph!

Enjoy the Invisalign Infograph below provided by your skytrain station dentist Granville Station Dental and see why Invisalign Invisible Aligners could be the clear choice for your Orthodontic treatment.

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10 Great Things to Do with Dental Floss!

Floss is an essential part of your oral health care routine, along with brushing at least twice a day for at least 3 minutes and visiting Granville Station Dental, your skytrain station dentist,  for your regular oral health care checkup every six months.

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X-rays: A Necessity For Your Oral Health [VIDEO]

X-rays are essential to a person’s oral health, and at Granville Station Dental in Vancouver, we want to ensure that people are getting regular X-rays for their teeth.

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Dental Secrets Straight from Your Dentist!

Your oral health is important and at Granville Skytrain Station Dental, our team of dentists want to share with you the most important oral health secrets that will give you a healthy smile you’ll be proud to show off everywhere.

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Gum Disease: You Can Prevent It! [VIDEO]

Many dental patients in Vancouver believe they have perfect oral health. However, at Granville Station Dental, we see many patients who are suffering from gingivitis and gum disease without even realizing it.

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Wondering “How Do I floss Properly”? Here’s the Answer [VIDEO]

Using dental floss properly is essential to your oral health because it eliminates plaque and gets rid of food bits in places where a toothbrush can’t reach.

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Oral Health Care: Is Nail Biting Really Bad for Your Teeth?

We all know that nail biting is a bad habit, but do you know why? The dental team at Granville Station Dental in Vancouver want to clarify why this habit is so detrimental to your overall oral health.

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